Hey Everyone,

So, this is the new blog to turn to for all information regarding my original music! Here you’ll find regular updates about the new music I’m working on, as well as upcoming concerts and album releases.You’ll also be able to listen to new pieces, and check out pictures and videos of the rehearsal/recording process!

I’m also going to be posting some of the essays I’ve been writing over the past year that focus on various music-related topics, as well as reviews and discussions of new (and old) albums by some of the most engaging and artistic rock and pop artists around.

I’d really like to try and make this blog as interactive as possible, so feel free to leave comments and discussion points for any post that sparks your interest. Don’t forget to check out the “Pages” section over on the side bar for pictures, audio samples, and other information regarding me and my music.

I’ll be posting again soon, but for now just kick back, relax, and get to know the site a little better (just don’t place your drink there; that things exspensive, dude!)

– Tony M